Moving Day

4 Jul

OK, before this big move (after living in a home i owned for 8 years and into a rental) I have been going through all my “stuff” and getting rid of things for about a year.  I kept letting go of things, setting them free, allowing others to enjoy them, saying goodbye to things that I have been hauling around for my whole life.   I then did a second and third look and let go of even more things.   I held a garage sale, I gave away items to friends and family, I made numerous trips to the thrift store and to donate items to the animal shelter.

After all of that, our stuff still did not fit into one 26′ moving truck.  We had to make numerous trips with a minivan, car and suv to bring more “stuff” over to the house.  I was watching the movers bringing out more and more of my “stuff”.  I watched them for hours and hours as they packed my house into the truck.  It took 7 1/2 hours to pack the truck, and there is still “stuff” back at the old house that I have to get.

All of this just made me start thinking about my relationship with all this stuff.  Why do I have it?  Why do I have so much of it?  Why am I carrying some of these items with me my whole life?  Why can’t I let go (for instance why can’t I let go of the rag dolls from my childhood?  I’m 45 years old, and I can’t throw out a very well loved, worn, rag doll)?  What is necessary to have?  What can we still let go of?  Why do we love our stuff?

We buy stuff, store stuff, pay for stuff to be moved, buy more stuff, store more stuff, etc. Our stuff costs us an enormous amount of time and money to maintain it, clean it, move it, store it, have it, own it.  I feel suffocated by my stuff right now.  I feel like I just want to put it all to the curb and live like a monk.  But then I open up my boxes with my colorful dishes, that I love so much and start putting them in the cabinet that I just lined with a pretty green shelf liner, and I smile.  I do love my stuff.

Now the adventure begins.  I am going to start letting go of even more stuff and start living a simpler life.  That is what this blog is going to be about.  My change in attitude about carrying around so much stuff, my reevaluating which stuff is necessary, which stuff we can say good bye to.  My exploration into sentimental stuff that seems to just be carried around from one house to another in sealed boxes, never seeing the light of day.

My goal is to explore the path of simplification, to re-look at how I am materialistic, to explore how owning stuff and surrounding ourselves with stuff may interfere with our spirituality, our connection to the earth and finding our purpose.

Day two will be trying to set up a very small kitchen…  The adventure begins, I hope you’ll join me.


2 Responses to “Moving Day”

  1. Kathy July 4, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    There are a lot of people struggling with these ideas. I think early in our life we want to have what everyone else has and as we get older, life changing events moves etc cause us to re-think our relationship with stuff. There are many who give into “stuff” more and more . Have your ever sent the show Hoarders? There are serious repercussions that happen when you allow stuff to totally take over. But for those of us in the middle, there are repercussions related to moving, storing, cleaning, repairing, etc and all those things that you mentioned and more. I have been thinking about these things myself and I am not contemplating a move. But I have helped my daughter pack up and move and am about to launch my son to college. I have sent he kids in the college dorms trying to ram as much stuff as possible in a tiny shared dorm room.

  2. Mary July 10, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    WOW…this moved me, as you know I am about to face selling my childhood home, which is bittersweet. As the cleanup begins, there are things that dont even belong to me that I can’t bear to part with…siy things. Stuff I’ve never used, Broken stuff, stuff i think maybe worth money someday. And truth be told My “stuff” (from my move back to NY 4 years ago) is still neatly packed in boxes in my basement, waiting to be moved to my next “home” wherever that is. thats a whole other story…. Maybe my attachment to my stuff is my attachment to a life i miss. the other stuff that belongs to my parents is an attachment to a life I never had…..but longed for. and so one journey ends and the other begins….
    nice to know I have a friend to walk with me

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