Step One in Letting Go

12 Jul

So now we are moved in and surrounded by boxes full of stuff.  Stuff to be sorted, stuff to be moved around, stuff to be unpacked, stuff to be given away.  Stuff Stuff Stuff everywhere.  It is overwhelming.  But my feeling of suffocation is helping me let go of stuff.

 First thing to let go of which is the easiest; anything broken, anything not working properly or anything dirty and stained.  I am tossing these with some ease.

 Next thing to get rid of are the things that when I look at don’t make me happy.  Why would I keep something that doesn’t make me happy?  Attached to bad memories, or something that never worked the right way, or something that is just stupid and I never wanted it to begin with.  I am letting go of that also with ease.  And most of this stuff is in good enough shape to donate.  Donating can make it easier to get rid of things rather than just tossing.  And it’s better for the environment since I won’t be filling a landfill with my stuff.

 I am also looking at all the stuff that worked in former houses but is just NOT working in this house, so those are the next to go.  I have tons and tons of baskets and plastic bins.  At some point they worked for me to organize things.  I have them in a large pile in the new house, and as a problem comes up, I pull one out and see if it will solve the problem.  I have found a bin to store fruit in the refrigerator, a drawer to put under the bathroom vanity, and bins for holding little items in the bathroom. 

 However, I know in the end I will not be able to keep all of these baskets and bins.  First step is to look at those that are falling apart and throw them out.  Next is to look at any that are in an offensive color to me and get rid of them (I HATE pale pink, old bins from the 80’s, gotta go).  And lastly I’ll be looking at the ones that are functional but just not useful to me right now and are not worth the space to store them, those will be donated. 

 This is where I am at right now with the process.  I have to say moving into a smaller place is forcing me to down size.  It is forcing me to look differently at my stuff and have a different attitude towards it.  I no longer feel completely attached to my stuff.  (Well, I have to admit so far I have done the easy things, and have not ventured into my interior decorations, my books or my stationary- and hey, don’t touch my pens!!!  Admittedly that is going to be the hard stuff to get rid of!!!).

 Homework for you all:  Find something in your house or office (or car) that you have been hanging on to, but actually you really don’t like it.  Take that item and toss it.  Feel how good it feels to get rid of something you don’t even like!  Feel the freedom of saying goodbye.


One Response to “Step One in Letting Go”

  1. ddLynn July 12, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    For the past 3-4 years I’ve been looking at my stuff and asking “would I really want to box it up and take it with me when we move?” (I still have faith we ArE going to move one day) And that has pretty much worked. But now I’m stuck in this “what if it works at the next place?” 😦 I have several bins of that sort of thing as well as a few still sitting on shelves waiting to see if they’ll make it into the next chapter of life. As for that homework…I’m on it!!! Maybe I’ll set out to find one thing per room. Can’t be all that hard! Thanks for the motivation! And keep up the great work on your and downsizing alike!

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