Our Taste Changes Over the Years

31 Jul

When we are working on ourselves and growing, the solution to the issue we are working on at the time often surrounds us.  If we pay attention we will see all the answers in articles, people’s comments, books, TV shows, etc.  One thing that keeps popping up for me is the concept that we should only keep the things that we find beautiful or useful; the things we love and bring us joy.  And I’d like to think that a lot of the things that we find useful we also should love and the things that we love we should also find useful.

 Another concept that I have been pondering is that we have to look at who we are today and the fact that what we find useful and beautiful changes over time.  I know that my taste has changed over the years.  Yet we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in our lives, all the way back to our childhood that we carry around with us from house to house; apartment to apartment, never really looking at them and determining are they worth our time and commitment, are they still things we love that represent us well?   We just assume we still love these items, or that they have some value, even though we haven’t looked at them for years.

 I experienced the perfect example of this the other day when I was unpacking some boxes in our new place.  I hung up my printers’ tray (any of you children of the 70’s would know what that is, but those who don’t, it’s a tray that was used to hold type face, before computers did everything, people had to line up individual letters for printing, the letters were all organized in printers’ trays).  A printers’ tray can be used to display small mementos or decorations.  As an artist, since print making is near and dear to my heart, I still love my printers’ tray and anything to do with print making.  While unpacking I also found a box containing the items I used to display in my tray the last time it hung on my wall, (about 25 years ago).  All the items were carefully wrapped in tissue to protect them and I have been carrying this box around with me for 25 years.  Unopened and unaware of what was even inside.

 When I started unwrapping the items I realized they were from a different lifetime of mine and they did not reflect the person I am today.  I did not like any of the items, they did not seem beautiful or useful to me and did not bring me joy and happiness. I ended up rewrapping the items and putting them back in the box.  However, instead of keeping the box I put it  in my pile of things to bring to the thrift store.  It is time to let these items go to perhaps someone who will find them beautiful and useful.

 I have been noticing that my tastes have changed over the years.  Life has truly changed over the years, so why shouldn’t my taste change with it.  I have grown, evolved, gone through difficult times, and have experienced joys that I couldn’t even have dreamed of years ago.   After all of that I am starting to look at myself as a new person with new taste.  I want to get in touch with who I am today, who I truly am, right now.  I know it is different from who I was even a couple of years ago.

 I am sure that all of us change over time, and we should allow our tastes to change and evolve as well.  So how are you holding onto things you should be letting go of?  How has your taste changed?  Where can you let go of the old to allow the new to enter?

 Your Homework:  Find one item in your home that no longer represents who you are and let it go…  If it’s in good shape, donate it to a thrift store, if it isn’t toss it.  Look around your home and look at the items you are hanging onto, the items decorating your home or taking up space in the corners and closets.  Do these items still represent who you are?  Do you still feel joy when you look at them?  Do you still find them useful?  If not, it’s time to let go.


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