10 Sep

Clutter comes in all shapes, sizes and types.  It comes in the form of positive thoughts & meditations; messages from friends and health information; political updates and household tips.  It comes in the form of cute puppies and adorable kittens and pleas for their help; it comes in the form of jokes (funny and not) and humor, or what some people think is humorous. 

 These are all in the form of email (I can hear the groans now); intangible, untouchable, non-tactile, internet clutter.

 Lately I get so overwhelmed by this clutter that instead of reading any of them I find myself hitting the delete button, over and over again.  So then I have to ask myself, what is the point of receiving them?  The positive thoughts of the day that once were so important to me and helped me get through a difficult day are now adding difficulty to the day.  The daily meditation which once was helpful for stress relief is now bringing me stress.

 Therefore, in my strive for simplicity I do believe it is time to take action.  It is time for me to really think about taking a hiatus from some of these daily emails.  So here is what I am vowing to do, I am going to look for three e-news letters to unsubscribe from right now, right this instant.  Hold on one second so I can do this…..

 Ok, that’s one, sorry puppies and kittens from one of the local animal shelters…

 Ok, that’s number two, so long daily reflection that I wasn’t really reflecting on…. NEXT.

 And number three, so long daily meditation which was causing me stress instead of relaxation by clogging up my in box.

 Oh, boy that actually feels good.  That’s it, I did it. I made a few big decisions and took some action. I do know I can always re-subscribe whenever I feel I need that information again.  But for now, I have taken a break.  And I already feel empowered and lighter.  What great feelings.

 Keep in mind; you have the power to take control of your inbox.  Instead of hitting delete, open up the email (from a trusted source only of course), and scroll down to the bottom, ok, keep going, all the way to the bottom, and look for the tiny print that says “unsubscribe”, there you go, hit that.  NO WAIT, not for this blog, don’t unsubscribe from this blog!  I need at least a couple of followers 😉


One Response to “clutter- ALL SHAPES & SIZES”

  1. ddLynn September 10, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing lately. I did a few a couple weeks ago, but need to tackle some more. It is just too easy to hit that subscribe button, but before you know it, it is out of hand. Thanks for the kick to get my inbox frustration under control. Oh, and no worries about you cluttering my inbox. You’re a keeper. Besides I’m following you via WordPress Reader… 😉

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