Enjoying Life

18 Sep

I was just inspired by a friend’s blog post to get to writing.  I noticed I posted in September and before that in July.  What was I doing all of August???  Honestly… I was avoiding doing any unpacking and de-cluttering and I was trying to enjoy the summer, enjoy family and enjoy time with my honey.  And we had a great time, going to the beach and swimming in the waves, rushing to the beach to catch the sunsets, bringing dinner and a blanket to the beach and enjoy the evening after work.  Do you see a theme here???  The beach and the sunsets were just spectacular and they will be engrained in my memory.  I will cherish those moments. As well as the two trips to go visit my family that we have taken. 

 The message here?  Enjoy life; take time out to have fun.  Do something you love.  The de-cluttering can sometimes wait.  Make sure life is a balance, and isn’t that what simplifying your life is all about???  The ability to grab a towel and go watch the sunset?  To me that is a perfect example of a simplified life.  Enjoy the moments while you can.  These special times only come around once.

 My next goal for myself though is to conquer the “Art Room”, my spare hobby room that has not been unpacked and set up yet.  I did get in there and made a little progress on it the other day when I had a moment.  But I did not sacrifice seeing my parents or having date night to do it.  The key to a desire for simplicity is living a balanced life.  Enjoy everyone!


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