Still on the Move

28 Sep

Moving is never fun, but I still look at this move as an opportunity.  An opportunity to simplify my life; an opportunity to really analyze the things I have been carrying around with me; to really look at the items that are taking up space and surrounding me.

Last weekend I did a bit of that.  I dived right into my art supplies and was surprised at what I found.  Old dried out paint tubes, bottles of paints that had permanently separated, dried out supplies, printed papers (for collage or card making) that I actually hated, stacks of bad photos, and broken, unusable tools.  I realized that even though we just moved, I had not gone through my art supplies for years.  They just stayed in their “organized containers” and got taped up and moved.

Well those “organized containers” no longer fit into my new home, my new life.  There are too many of them. They were purchased to meet the need of a former life.  It’s time to revamp.  So first things first, purge.  At the end of my first round of purging I had two large garbage bags filled and one pile for the garage sale.  It really felt great to get rid of all of that stuff.  I continue on my journey and continue to feel lighter and lighter with a sense of freedom.

I do believe I have some more purging to do and I am looking forward to it.  

Do you have a drawer you haven’t ventured into in ages?  Or perhaps a nice and fancy organizational bin, that is now bulging at the seams?  How about taking a half an hour to sit down with that container.  Take a look at it with fresh eyes.  What is being stored in here?  Why am I keeping it?  Is it giving me pleasure?  Is it useful?  Or do I just not know what to do with it?  Anything that is not useful to you or does not give you pleasure, get rid of it!  Toss it!  Recycle it!  Donate it!  Just be sure to get it out of your space.  Clear out a bit of clutter and enjoy the results.

Till next time, keep it simple.


One Response to “Still on the Move”

  1. ddLynn September 28, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    I really need to dig further into my office/art supplies. One of my pitfalls is finding unique storage items that I can use. This can lead to more stuff!!! I’m whittling away…but it has been some time before I’ve seriously tackled a box, bin, drawer or closet. It might really help to just starting to tackle one area a day for the rest of my life so as not to get into this predicament. Happy organizing to you and thanks for this post of encouragement for me to find my freedom!!!
    p.s You would scream and pull your hair out if you saw my back room since the boys returned home. I was actually finding the floor and thought we’d finally be able to finish it off so I can get that pool table I’ve always wanted. Now it is floor to ceiling boxes and STuFF! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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