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A new concept- REFUSE

11 Apr

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I have been continuing on my quest to simplify my life.  It has come with some ups and downs, some triumphs and some mistakes.  Or missteps would be more accurate. 

 Triumphs include cutting down on the amount of stuff surrounding us in our home.  I am at times amazed at how much we have accomplished in the past 7 months.  The other day I looked in shock at my two book shelves, now only half full. When a year ago I had books filling more than 6 books shelves and probably some in boxes in other places.   The books we got rid of went to the local train station’s where they have a give and take book shelf.  We gave we didn’t take.

 This has all been a process and I am not completed with my journey.  But I am greeting this journey as life affirming and life changing.   I look forward to it, and am facing it head on.

 Lately I have been led to considering our lifestyle and what else we can do that is good for our planet as well as good for our home and our health. Part of this includes cutting down on what comes into the house.  The less that comes in, the less waist there is, the more time we have to spend on other things, and the better it is for the planet.  We have all heard the phrase “reduce reuse recycle” but I have been turned onto an addition to this phrase “refuse”.  REFUSE- what a powerful word, what a powerful action.  We can all refuse items that we don’t need.  Just say no; just say no to that free pen when you have 50 at home.  Just say no to that free sample of products you don’t need or won’t use. Just say no to that informational sheet that you think maybe someday you’ll read.  Just say no to junk mail and catalogues you do not want, tell the senders to take you off their mailing lists.  Refuse to take more items into your home, into your life. 

 What power that gives us!  The power to take control over what comes into our lives and into our homes, this power makes us strong and will bring us freedom.

 I see that this is the next phase of my journey.  Although I will continue to reduce what is in my home by purging, I am also going to be working on refusing.

 If you are interested in some homework: take a look at your “junk mail” and instead of just throwing it into the shredder, the recycle bin or the garbage-  write on the response card “Take me off your mailing list and do not share my contact information”, then use their envelope and send it back to them. You’ll be amazed at how much you can cut down on unwanted mail this way.

 Also, when you are at an informational fair, or at an office with freebees, just say NO, and don’t take anything home with you.

 This is what I’ll be working on.  Till next time, keep up the purging and just say NO.