Obstacles in the Desire For Simple

17 Jun


My desire for simple has to fight against my artistic, creative personality and my love of animals and plants.  Let’s start with the artistic part of me: I have a lot of art supplies, I have a lot of interests, I tend to pick up an old hobby years later and need the old supplies again.  I like taking things and reusing them, so I tend to keep a lot of things like old buttons, scraps of paper and ribbon.  In my old house I had a room dedicated to art, it was a large room, too large. It allowed me to keep all my supplies in excess, although neatly organized in labeled bins.  Then the move happened…  Then another move…  I started to see that although all the supplies were “neatly organized” they weren’t neat or organized at all.  And I was carrying with me all kinds of things I was never going to use.  Old dried out paint, markers that didn’t write, three times the amount of crayons any adult could ever need, supplies for hobbies I was never going to take up again, samples of materials, all kinds of papers and instructions.  It was time to dive in and PURGE.  So I did.  I still have a room dedicated to creating, but now it houses a bit less supplies and they are all useful and pretty much organized.

Now for my love of decorative items.  I do not like blank walls.  I like surrounding myself with art work and having colorful images to look out and feel inspired by.  But even with that, I had too many framed pieces.  Too many things I was moving with me and carrying along in life.  So these needed a look at with fresh eyes and some purging.  Keeping in mind only keeping those items I absolutely love and bring me joy.

Regarding the items that stand around collecting dust, these were another story.  Many of these were collected on trips and excursions with my ex.  Well, they no longer held the nice memories they once had.  It was time to let go of many of them.  I continue to look at these items with a new set of eyes in my new life and I continue to weed them out and let them go.  When I bring something new into my life I think about am I going to be okay with dusting and taking care of this item?  Am I going to be okay with packing and moving this items?  Do I want to look at this item for many years to come?


The animals and plants are a whole other situation!  I love my kitty and my dog.  But they come with all kinds of hair and messes.  Their food and water bowls need to be maintained.  They need to be brushed, and even when brushed  they regularly leave a never-ending trail of hair on the carpets and furniture.  The cat sneezes all over things (gross i know!) and we have to constantly clean up after her.  The dog rips up every thing; bits of rubber toys, strings from sock toys, stuffing and chewed up squeaker all lay all over the living room laughing at our attempts to live in an orderly home!

Recently we had company and did a bang up job cleaning the house.  I looked around and thought “I ALWAYS want to live here!”  But alas, that lasted a day and we were back to the pet hair and chewed up toys.  For me there really isn’t a solution to this since I love having pets, always have, always will.

So living simply for me is a process.  It’s a shift in thinking.  I evolve, I make mistakes; I allow the wrong things in at times and get rid of needed items by accident.  But I love that we are embracing a simpler lifestyle and really appreciating the things that matter most: people we love, nature, mother earth, serenity, simplicity, being all natural, and keeping a sense of humor through it all.


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