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Schlumpy Shorts

21 Jul

At the beginning of the summer I bought a couple of shirts for work.  After that time I decided to go through the whole summer season without buying any new clothes.  I have had to resist the urge to go shopping for a couple of “cute tops” or another pair of pants.  I have had to tell myself “NO! You don’t NEED anything”.  “Live with what you have.”  “Others have much less.”

So I have had to try to be creative with the clothing I have.  The other day I was wearing one of my favorite pair of shorts.  They were purchased last year, they are soft and comfortable and made out of a cool fabric.  My husband informed me they look horrible on me!  They are too baggy and make me look schlumpy.  “But I don’t have many shorts, and I vowed not to buy anything new this season.”  His response was “go out and buy a pair of shorts!”.

Often during this summer season of not purchasing, I have thought, “if only I had started this project AFTER I had just made a major purchase of all high quality clothing”, aaahhhhh if only.  But no, I made this decision probably after already getting rid of a bunch of clothing I no longer wear or that didn’t make me feel good when I wear it.  I made this decision after already slowing down on purchases and re-wearing the same clothes for many years.

Now I have vowed to make those shorts work, and of course I have two pairs of them!  I am going to explore taking them in and sewing them.  I am not sure if this adds to simplifying my life since it requires getting out the old sewing machine, trying to fix the knee pedal, oiling the old girl, and trying to remember how to sew!  But at least I will be saving money, reusing something I already own, and not contributing to the over consumerism world we live in.

Any sewing tips would be appreciated!