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The Holiday Card Dilema

30 Dec

In the past I got into the habit of hand creating my holiday cards.  It was a huge endeavour which included making over 50 cards and decorated envelopes.  I would try to think “assembly line” when coming up with my design.  When making these cards they would take over a room in the house, usually the kitchen and the kitchen table.  There would be glitter, paint, glue, rubber stamps and attachments all over the place.  This went on for many years.

Although I did enjoy this activity, each year the pressure was on to come up with another idea.  In addition, the pressure mounted when I found out people were saving my creations and displaying them year to year.

One year when suffering the worst of Lyme Disease as well as a move at the same time,  I decided I needed to simplify my life and my holiday season.  Something had to go.  Bye Bye went the card making.  Actually shortly later, bye bye went sending any holiday cards all together.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  It took too much energy, and I just didn’t have it in me.

That was several years ago, and I still have not gotten back into the card making or the card sending.  Since we have been living simply and have removed ourselves from the mass consumerism, I have been making most of my Christmas presents.  What extra time and energy I have is put towards the present making which does not leave much time for card making.

This year we received very little cards from people.  It was such a contrast to years past that it was striking.  My mother informed me that it is because we don’t send cards anymore.  That concept really struck me as odd.  I can understand that thought from distant people (those people who your only contact is the annual holiday card) but from people in your life throughout the year, I found it odd.  I stopped sending cards because I was physically and financially incapable due to a chronic illness, not because I don’t appreciate these people in my life.  So to not receive a card from them just because I am not able to send one, seems petty (if in fact that is why the card number coming in is low).

I hope during the holiday season and throughout the year, we can all take a moment to remember and send some greetings to a friend or loved one who is going through a lot whether it be physical, emotional or financial.  Just let them know that you are thinking of them.  It will mean more than you know.